How Poor Website Performance Can Damage Your Business

Since one of the main goals of any business website is to retain customers, it’s important that they have satisfactory experience on the site. For sites that take too long to reload, or inaccessible pages, they may move on to other sites and forget about yours. Whether it’s mobile or desktop users, each second that is being used to load a page can reduce your customers’ interest. Because they are so many other websites that may meet up to a users’ expectations, it’s important that your website performance is fast and smooth.

What poor website can cost your business

Imagine trying to order something online and the website is just so slow, at some point you may become discouraged and you might not even want to order in the future. Having poor website performance doesn’t always mean that a business is not of good quality, but it creates a bad impression as customers on the site experience website issues. When users enter a site, it’s important to create a smooth experience. If not, you might lose potential customers. With poor website, your business can undergo losses such as:

  • Loss of customers
  • Less analytics for future business plans
  • Loss of revenue

The effects of low speed website

Having a slow website performance can ruin a lot of things from transactions to customer loyalty and the amount of profit your business makes. Website users are definitely not patient so if your website performance is slow, it will be difficult to attract new customers and you may end even losing current ones.

Why your site should be the best

“You don’t get a second chance for a first impression” and this goes for business websites as well. Having a good first impression can keep customers loyal to your brand for a while and having a poor website can also reduce your credibility. If your website performance is poor, even loyal users may end up leaving and looking for a better website that meets up with their standards. In this competitive world of business, having a good reputation is paramount but with a poor website, you may damage it instead.


A poor performing website is never going to bring users to your site as you may even lose existing ones. Without a good website, competitors will definitely have the upper hand against you as their website will be taking away your valuable customers. Having a good website performance creates opportunities that grow your presence online and increase your ROI efficiently.

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